Aqua Urban Spa

The Sea, a Garden of Wellbeing. 90 min

A body peeling, mud wrap and massage with Vichy shower. 90 min

A body scrub with Guérande Sea Salts to eliminate dead skin cells, improve softness and facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients in the products applied later in the treatment, such as Guérande Marine Mud.This natural product is harvested from an environment protected from all external sources of pollution, Guérande Marine Mud is highly pure, making it perfect for skin application. This product is excellent as a treatment for bones, muscles and the skin, as it possesses exceptional therapeutic and remineralising properties.The procedure continues with a relaxing massage under a hot shower. This step consists in combining a drenching, horizontal, rain-like shower, with a massage. The resulting health benefits are almost endless, its most important benefits help to improve muscular strains and contractures, tone the skin and combat rheumatism, while adding a relaxing, anti-stress effect.






Aqua Urban Spa

  Gran de Gracia, 7,
Barcelona, 08012, (Barcelona)

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Aqua Salon Spa

  Aeropuerto de Barcelona, T1 y T2,
El Prat de Llobregat, 08820, (Barcelona)



Gran de Gracia

Aeropuerto de Barcelona