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The History of Spas

The origins of the term "spa"

Spa: history and etymology

“Health through water”; in its traditional sense – with massages, treatments and pioneering techniques, all in all, a wide range of products and services for all your daily needs.

No clear consensus exists with respect to the exact origins of the word ‘spa’, although several studies point to its derivation as an acronym from the Latin phrase“Salus per Aquam”, which means “health through water”. The most plausible option is however, that the word comes from the Belgian city of the same name, from where this modern activity, which we today know as ‘spa’ began.

The town of Spa lies in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, and is famous for its thermal springs, which possess minerals of an exceptional purity, thanks to an exceptional geological phenomenon in the region. The exceptional therapeutic properties of the“Marie-Henriette Eau Thermale Spa™”waters were scientifically acknowledged in the 16th century.

The use of spa water for therapeutic purposes dates back to the civilisations of Assyria, Sumeria, Egypt, and the early Indian civilisations. The practice was later taken up by the Japanese, the Greeks and the Romans, all of whom recognised its properties in helping to alleviate fatigue, facilitate the assimilation of active ingredients and return harmony to the body and mind. Spa, as wellbeing seeks to regain the holistic approach of traditional therapies that have been with us for well over 6,000 years, and which focus, not on curing illnesses, but on preventing them and maintaining both physical and spiritual health.


The historical records of all the cultures mentioned above reveal the use of techniques that are used today, such as steam baths, hot and cold immersions, or the application of oils and natural essences in massage. The central concept of health, although with some variations has remained intact over the centuries, thanks to modern-day ‘spa culture’.

With the obvious improvements that come with our times, such as modern, quality water supply networks, ‘spa culture’ today offers a complete range of relaxing, leisurely treatments that go far beyond the beneficial properties of water. At Aqua Urban Spa Barcelona, we seek to provide a unique, all-encompassing experience, oneharmonised with the senses. We offer sensuous immersionfrom the moment you enter to the moment you leave. The skin’s own natural memory (proprioception), with its ability to retain pleasurable memories, increases individual response and control abilities when it comes to dealing with everyday stress. We provide "memories of wellbeing", atAqua Urban Spa, where balance and wellbeing are a way of life.Aqua Urban Spa your urban spa in Barcelona.





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