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The " Evasion" Signature Massage

The " Evasion" Signature Massage

A 3-stage relaxing massage: 1- Prelude for the senses;specific techniques to slowly immerse you in the relaxing universe of this massage. 2 – The treatment ceremony; exclusive techniques that combine acupressure, massage and drainage. 3 -The toning final: a toning massage that brings you back to the real world in a state of total wellbeing. Personalised with the sensuousEvasión aroma of your choice.

  • AZAHARAND CEDARWOOD-Musky and woody.
  • LEMON AND PETITGRAIN - Fresh and invigorating
  • WATER LILYAND BAMBOO –Natural and floral.

This treatment is aimed at a wide range of clients who seek deep-relaxation, anti-stress treatment and the easing of nervous tension.







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