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Massage 45"

Massage 45".

Relaxing Includes techniques for smoothing, kneading, rubbing, percussive massage, vibration and the stretching of joints; with the idea of improving wellbeing. This massage type helps to harmonise the nervous system, and induces a certain level of muscular relaxation, helping clients to recover or maintain their psycho-physical balance.

Therapeutic / Sports / Circulatory In these massages the muscles and soft tissues are worked on in a variety of ways. A series of movements of varying intensity are applied in a rhythmic manner, resulting in a calming, relaxing effect, providing a feeling of renewed energy. The techniques used help to eliminate or alleviate pain, muscle tension and strain, and improve all over wellbeing.

Beauty This area of massage seeks to improve the external appearance, eliminating fat deposits, restoring muscle tone and easing fatigue and tiredness. They combine circulatory, modelling and sedative techniques in order to treat localised aesthetic issues and disorders, and are applied mainly in anti-cellulite and toning treatments.






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