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Intensive Treatments 90"

Intensive Treatments 90".

A unique sensory experience for targeted efficacy: the excellence of in-salon Treatment.

Exclusive treatments based on the professional diagnostics of our team, offering a complete, made-to-measure programme for both men and women to slow and treat the skin’s aging process, while lending energy and light, moisturizing, nourishing and plumping. All these treatments include an exclusive comprehensive method; Digi-Esthétique®, with original techniques, updated by Sothys, in the search for total efficacy and wellbeing for body and spirit, using methods that combine acupressure techniques with massages originating from both Eastern and Western cultures.

Youth Intensive treatment βPꞫ. TRI-COMPLEX ™


A specific treatment against the visible signs of aging of the skin: wrinkles and skin loosening.

One week after the end of the course of 3 Treatments:Up to 6 years off the skin! An exceptional treatment which combines ultra-focused products with expert techniques of application to a proven and long-lasting efficacy. Areal customized anti-aging program. The experience Sothys youth effectiveness, as well as 1 hour 30 minutes of relaxation and expert treatment, for visibly younger skin.


Energizing Intensive Treatment with Siberian Ginseng

Proven efficacy with only a single treatment. 100% satisfaction with skin radiance in just the first session. Lighting up the face and revealing your natural beauty. A true stimulus, this 100% hands-on treatment includes a deep-cleansing phase and is ideal, whether when applied alone, or as part of an intensive treatment to restore energy and glowing radiance to your skin.

Hydra³ᴴª Hyaluronic acid™ Intensive Moisturizing Treatment

Amazing results from the first session, with up to 71% more hydration, for a visibly younger, plumped skin.

The perfect combination of technical skills and sensuousness, this treatment brings together ‘ultra-comfort’ textures with highly efficient active ingredients, lending you an aura of wellbeing and the youthful sensation of total hydration.






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