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Reward the senses; perfect treatments, moments of beauty – luxury gifts for body, mind and soul, a unique treasure.

What better gift than enjoying a spa with your partner, a friend or your family, with exclusive sessions in thermal sessions, massages, body and face treatments, all in the city of Barcelona. Reward the senses; perfect treatments – luxury gifts, the pleasure of being cared for.

  • Gifts available: all services on our menu, including vouchers and packs. You can also give open vouchers for any amount you wish. Visit the centre, call (932384160) or visit our website You will receive our gift bag at the centre, if you purchase by telephone or e-mail, you will receive a personalised mail that you can pass on to the gift’s recipient. The receiver of your gift can change or even extend the value of their gift voucher on making their reservation, all gifts are personal and non-transferable and are valid for one year. They are available for purchase during our business hours and are not refundable.

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Aqua Urban Spa

  Gran de Gracia, 7,
Barcelona, 08012, (Barcelona)

  +34 932 384 160

Aqua Salon Spa

  Aeropuerto de Barcelona, T1 y T2,
El Prat de Llobregat, 08820, (Barcelona)



Gran de Gracia

Aeropuerto de Barcelona