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Beauty Treatments for the Body 75"

Beauty Treatments for the Body 75"

Expert treatments to detoxify, cleanse, drain, remodel, firm, slim and combat cellulite. Our work consists in personalising treatment as much as possible, in order to adapt it to the real needs of our clients. These beauty programmes are based on a free, no-commitment body diagnostic service.

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Lumicell – Advanced Technology

The latest in North-American technological equipment, Lumicell Touch® combines the finest techniques available today, with a comprehensive treatment backed by scientifically-proven results to eliminate cellulite and remodel the figure: light technology–deep reactivation that targets cells, applies vacuum massage with the active mobilisation of the skin tissues and drainage.

With its unique penetrating properties, the infrared and magenta light range of the Lumicell Touch® targets the centre of the skin cells directly to attain unprecedented benefits. An exclusive combination for surprising results:

  • Stimulates the natural functions of the skin, reactivating the metabolism.
  • Deep cellulite treatment, slowing its formation and eliminating fat nodules.
  • Cell-centred response for long-lasting results.

Pindasté Green Aromatic Sachets

A 100% natural treatment used to unblock the lymphatic system, especially designed in terms of ingredients and the application methods used – lymph node draining, acupressure, foot reflexology – with or without quartz crystals to treat lymphatic congestion, liquid retention and oedemas, oedematous cellulitis and in tissue detoxification sessions.







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