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An Urban Spa Massages in Barcelona

Welcome to AQUA Urban Spa, a place of relaxation, health and beauty, in the very heart of Barcelona. Our name is synonymous with prestige in the spa sector of Barcelona, thanks to our consolidated experience, as winners of the Award for the Best Urban Spa, the quality of our treatments and the personalized service we provide to each and every one of our clients.

This is an invitation to personal health care and ‘me time’ we offer our clients a chance to escape from everyday concerns, with top quality experts and specialists at AQUA Urban Spa Massages Barcelona.

At AQUA Urban Spa you’ll find stylish decoration, quality treatments, the latest in advanced spa and wellbeing equipment, and a whole lot more. Our careful attention to detail and care extends to every level of body and beauty care. We offer a comprehensive and exclusive concept of wellbeing for both men and women.

Our system is based on the combination of hydrotherapy and massage techniques, beauty treatments and the latest advances in healthcare technology. At AQUA Urban Spa, you will find an extensive range of options when it comes to wellbeing and relaxation, from thermal circuits and massages to specific treatments for pain, for mothers-to-be, relaxation treatments, facial hygiene or anti-aging treatments.


If you’re searching for the ideal gift, choose wellbeing at AQUA Urban Spa. You can purchase a gift voucher or a session to be enjoyed either alone or with your partner in of one of our wonderful circuits.

A prestigious, unisex urban spa in the centre of Barcelona, where privacy, relaxation, health, top-quality beauty treatments and innovation are all guaranteed.






Aqua Urban Spa

  Gran de Gracia, 7,
Barcelona, 08012, (Barcelona)

  +34 932 384 160

Aqua Salon Spa

  Aeropuerto de Barcelona, T1 y T2,
El Prat de Llobregat, 08820, (Barcelona)



Gran de Gracia

Aeropuerto de Barcelona